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Women really want to bear these trends

The most beautiful tulle skirts are on the net. Like this of Fashion Union on, about 30 euros.

According to which trends women really google this spring

Just in time for the start of the season, dozens of new trends are being proclaimed. But what women really want to wear in the spring of 2015 is now revealed in Google's first Trend Report. So much in advance: We did not have room number 1 at all!

Yes, we admit it: we love online shopping! Why? Because there is nothing in the net that does not exist! The t-shirt collection that your favorite blogger from Mexico always wears? Sure, of course! The cool retro sneakers that are sold out everywhere in the city? Are there online with security! The jacket the woman in the subway was wearing next to us this morning? Anyway! And how do we find it all? Well, about Google! Typed quickly into the search mask - or spoken into the phone - "Google, I need a striped shirt, now, immediately!" - and schwupps, popping up countless shops with numerous product recommendations. And all we have to do is decide on one, very comfortably and ideally from the couch. And not only that: Google also provides matching styling tips: How do I combine a dungaree? The best outfit for trendy health laps? Or: How does one actually wear a white blouse quite differently? Google has an answer for everything!

Now the search engine has published its first Fashion Trend Report . The trends of spring 2015 were determined on the basis of the entered search terms of the last months. At No. 1 lands - and hey, that's really surprising - the tulle skirt, preferably in black or white. While we immediately think of Carrie Bradshaw in the SATC opening credits for this garment, the hype surrounding the look does not seem to break even eleven years after the last episode aired. Also popular: jogging pants (preferably with, no joke, emoji print) and midi skirts. Less hip: string bikinis or one-shoulder dresses. Also on the way down: skinny jeans. However, the data is only for the US.