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Ella Finally: Did she forgive her father?

Pop star Ella Finally
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The past year was very successful for singer Ella Endlich (26) and extremely emotionally private ...

Because her father, music producer Norbert Endlich (53), left her mom for TV star Carmen Nebel (55). After 32 years! "It was a very turbulent year! Very intense, very dramatic, full of great experiences and moments, "says Ella Endlich in an exclusive interview with us.

After the separation of her parents, the young artist stood between the chairs. For she has a particularly close relationship with her mother. "And it has become even closer in the last year. She is always there for me, and now I could give her something back. "

Is she angry with her father for leaving the family? Has your relationship changed? "No. I continue to look up to him musically and humanly. The last year has not been easy, but we have become even more loving together. " Ella finally has forgiven her father ...