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Sila Sahin: This is the girlfriend of Ilkay Gündogan

Beautiful and talented: Ilkay G ndogans girlfriend Sila Sahin.
Photo: Getty Images

Everything about the beautiful actress

In the squad of player women she is right up there with the actress Sila Sahin is certainly not in the shadow of their footballer friend Ilkay Gündogan.

The 28-year-old has become a star through her role at GZSZ - even before she teamed up with the national team in April 2013. Sila Sahin has been working on her career since she left RTL Soap.

In addition to her participation in the dance show "Let's Dance", in which the hobby-ballerina made a particularly good figure, she was also known through her photos in the May 2011 issue of Playboy. With the nude shots, the German-Turkish woman triggered a small scandal at that time.

Sila Sahin is involved in various charitable causes and, among other things, is active as a PETA ambassador and promotes the German Bone Marrow Donor Database (DKMS).

On television, we can once again admire the beautiful friend of Ilkay Gündogan again: For the World Cup, she will get its own TV program on the TV channel Joiz, in the diligently discussed all games in Brazil.

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