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Right or wrong? Mother nurses the child of her friend

Is it okay to breastfeed another child's child as a mother?
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Is it okay to breastfeed a friend's child?

Should a mother breastfeed the child of a friend? A woman who does just that causes discussion on the internet.

Within days, Jessica Anne Colletti is on everyone's lips - all over the world. The reason for this is a photo on Facebook, where she nurses two children. But what is so unusual about it?

One of the children is not her own, but a friend's. Nevertheless, the boy nipples next to the other at the Jessica's chest. Should a mother breastfeed a strange baby? Opinions split and especially critical voices grow loud.

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Posted by Mama Bean - Unconditional Attachment on Saturday, August 8, 2015

The photo of Jessica was shared on the blog "Mama Bean", on which the story behind the photo was published. Jessica has been feeding her friend's son for a year, if she's taking care of him while his mother works. Her son is already 16 months old, and her girlfriend is 18. According to Jessica, the two share a special connection, breastfeeding together would bring them closer together.

Posted by Jessica Anne Colletti on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

On the blog, Jessica also says: "Breastfeeding the son of my girlfriend came naturally to me. I started to take care of him when he was 5 months old and the first time she left him with me, I asked for permission to breastfeed him as I was breastfeeding my 3-month old anyway. She responded with an enthusiastic yes, as he had problems with the recipe that his previous babysitter touched him. My girlfriend initially had trouble breastfeeding, but she did it for 9 months. She was very happy that her son got the nutrition and security he needed while she was working. Being able to breastfeed your little boy created a special bond between and all, a connection I will always cherish. "

Nevertheless, an incredible number of people are horrified. They argue that it is simply wrong to breastfeed another woman's child. But there are other opinions as well. Many women are impressed by the beauty of the picture. They think it's a nice touch to continue nursing the girl's child if she has to work on her own.

Last but not least, there are also confused voices and not a few of which are not very clear about their feelings about the post. The picture clearly causes a stir. Should a child be breastfed by a woman who is not her own mother? And is there any wrong or right, if all involved parties are satisfied with the situation?