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Beware of falling in the care contract

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You should know that better!

Surely everybody wants the best care for themselves and their relatives in need of illness. However, this usually requires professional support. But before you conclude a nursing contract with an outpatient nursing service, you should look very carefully.


The nursing contract should, as far as possible, be signed by the person to be cared for. If a member signs, the nursing service can later claim any financial claims from him.


Include all services that have been agreed in the contract; even those that appear obvious. Avoid formulations that can be interpreted as desired, such as "basic care". Keep track of what exactly how many times you want to do it.

Also important: It can happen that the affected person has to go to the clinic so that the caregiver is not needed. If you do not want to be charged for any out-of-the-box betting, keep the opportunity to opt-out. And also name the required deadline quite concretely: "up to 24 hours in advance".


Of course it can also happen to an employee of the nursing service, that once something breaks, for example, if a piece of crockery breaks. If you record a liability clause in the care contract, the care service will pay for any damages. Make sure that the clause is not limited to "intent and gross negligence", because very few employees will intentionally damage anything.


Keep in mind that you will be notified of intended price increases at least 2 weeks in advance to allow for the extra costs.

end of contract

For a hospital stay, the contract should be suspended, immediately terminate in the event of death. However, there are other reasons for not using the services anymore. Because, because it does not fit humanely. Then it is important to know that the patient no longer has to endure, but by law can terminate without notice.