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Free tutorial for an owl made of felt

This sweet felt owl is looking for a new home.
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Making autumn decorations yourself

Make yourself at home cozy: With beautiful autumn decoration succeeds in a jiffy. How about this sweet fabric owl made of felt?

This is what you need for the substance owl:

  • dried leaves
  • small pins
  • Styrofoam ball approx. 10 cm in diameter (Bastelladen)
  • Felt in white and gray
  • Leather in beige and black
  • White paper
  • Felt pen black
  • scissors

Here you will find the template:

And that's how easy it is:

1. Cut small triangles of approx. 1.5-2 cm edge length from dried leaves.

2. Pin triangles with small pins on the polystyrene ball. Cut the beak out of black leather and stick it in the same way. Print template in DIN A4, cut out individual parts and transfer them to the different materials as indicated.

3. Cut out templates.

4. Transfer the eyeliner, cut it out, paint it with a felt-tip pen and put it on.

5. Fold the cut-out ears in the middle and fix with a needle on the styrofoam ball. Plug in white triangles on the side.

6. Stick the felt back onto the polystyrene ball.

Tip: For the owl to stand well, push in the ground slightly.

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