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Nicki Minaj: Volunteer Nippleblitzer in Manchester

Nicki Minaj liked to share her breasts with the British audience

Nicki Minaj / ©

While all the stars are flirting with oh so accidental nipples, Nicki Minaj is really a refreshing exception and is at least consciously using her charms to please her audience. Recently, as part of her "Pink Friday" tour in the UK, she enjoyed it probably in more liberal Europe to be allowed to perform and showed the crowd the same number of times her breasts - usually covered with a nipple pad, but always hopping from a considerable cleavage. Nicki Minaj showed me what you already knew about her Nicki Minaj did not hide a lot in the black bustier or glitter bra, but she did not care about the fact that her breasts were almost completely bare. At one point in the concert, she even quipped, "You people have seen my breasts before. You will not tell anyone, will you? "Rhetorical question, of course, their permissive images go around the world today. SE