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Modern country house style in the kitchen

Before, afterwards

Completely renewed with light wood, strong fabrics and fresh colors.

The apple pie recipe on the painted with blackboard wall sounds promising, the design concept is in this kitchen! The picture shows: You do not have to live on a farm - Nordic country style can be realized in every home. Wall units flew out, a piece of wall, used as a board, separates working and dining area. Old electrical appliances have been replaced with energy-saving ones. Even in color, everything is from a single source.


The kitchen was practically furnished.


A purely practical kitchen has been given a residential character: the work area and dining area are kept in a modern, rustic country house style, with a short wall separating the areas.

African experience

A base cabinet full of advantages: Both pivot floors can be pulled independently of each other completely forward, so you can comfortably reach even to the rearmost pot. As a result, no centimeters of storage space is given away.

kitchen crown

On such a metal ring bacon was once hung. Today, the S-hooks hold useful things like juicers and salad servers or decorative items.

Manufacturer: Kitchen furniture "Faktum" with front "Stät", table "Kvarnsten", Ø 110 cm, about 170 Euro, youth chair "Agam", about 29 Euro, lidded glasses "Sagolik", each about 3 Euro, salad set "Trolsk ": Ikea. Sideboard, 89 x 180 x 60 cm, approx. 400 Euro, metal ring "Z700", approx. 45 Euro, stool, approx. 70 Euro, bast baskets: Car. Chair "404F", about 380 Euro: Thonet. Tiles "No. 10351 ", approx. 73 Euro / sqm: Via. Lamp "Buco", about 280 euros: Marset. Bowls, spoons: Eden Living. Kitchen roll holder, approx. 25 Euro, bib, approx. 11 Euro, napkin, birds on a wreath: TM Room 77. Tea towel: House of Fitz. Food Processor "KitchenAid Artisan Orange": KitchenAid. Wall color "F6.10.70": Sikkens. Kitchen "Faktum" with front "Stät", pots "Medalj", punch "Idealisk", ca. 8 Euro, casserole "Smarta", ca. 13 Euro: Ikea. Tiles "No. 10351 ", 20 x 20 cm, approx. 73 Euro / sqm: Via. Food Processor "KitchenAid Artisan Orange": KitchenAid. Double socket: Merten. Bowl of strawberries, about 14 euros: the laundry. Metal ring "Z700", approx. 45 Euro: Car. Fish picture: Thomas Tannenberg. Birds, approx. 12 Euro: TM Room 77. Salad set "Trolsk", approx. 3 Euro, glass "Solig", approx. 5 Euro: Ikea. Spoon: Eden Living.