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Chubby through the fall

Autumn fashion for chubby

Chic and trendy even with big size? No problem.

Chubby through the fall
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With a bit of courage for the color and the right cuts can be put together from size 42 a great outfit. We show an autumn combo for every day with Have-will-Feeling.

It is a fool's tale, that you should wear only black and loose clothes with a plump figure. Try the trendy colors and cuts of autumn and see for yourself! Shirts, pants or accessories in discreet or loud berry tones give every outfit a kick. And warm earth tones flatter any complexion anyway.

A chic autumn outfit with matching accessories for large sizes you can see in the gallery (11 images)!

Above all, the right cut is very important in a pounding figure. Leggings in all colors and materials are very trendy this autumn. Fabric or denim leggings in combination with a long blouse - nothing can go wrong. Because a wide blouse cleverly conceals cushions on the stomach, waist or hips. However, if the waist is slim, this can be emphasized with a wide belt. Generally, the silhouette is visually slim, if one mixes a close cut with a wide one.

Stretched by high heels

Another trick is the optical stretch with high heels. Especially smaller women with a round figure can cheat themselves a few centimeters tall and thus slimmer with heel shoes.

It does not always have to be classic pumps, because this fall also wedge boots are trendy, as well as fur-lined lace-up ankle boots. The smaller one is, the higher the heel should be. The perfect autumn outfit is rounded off with a few cute accessories such as colorful scarves, hats and handbags.

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