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Utility Room: A wonderful laundromat

Ground floor WOHNIDEE house 2010

The utility room is the technical control center of the house - from the washing machine to the heat pump.

Well kept

Nice functional: downstairs kitchenette, upstairs shelves. There is even an extra wash hand basin available. Super-flat LED downlights illuminate the work surface perfectly.

Manufacturer: "Matrix" installation line, "Trend Line" front, "Kubanit" worktop: Nolte. Built-in sink "Subway XM", sink fitting "Steel Shower": Villeroy & Boch. Laundry bin, bamboo, about 18 euros, laundry basket, about 10 euros, magnetic board, about 30 euros: man Mobilia XXXL. LED lights "QOD", about 89 euros: Osram. (As of 11/10)

Order must be

On 10 square meters house technology and laundry come under, and although 1 square meter was assigned to the new guest bathroom, there is room for ironing and useful things, but you do not necessarily want to see.

Inner values

The simple fronts of the base cabinets conceal the washing machine and dryer.

Manufacturer: Base cabinets "Matrix": Nolte kitchens. Washing machine, dryer: Siemens.

Cleverly hidden

A slatted curtain separates the technology from the laundry room. Behind it heatpump, vacuum cleaner and electrical box disappear. The latter contains the central control system for intelligent building services.

Manufacturer: Home automation: OPUSĀ®greenNet. Slat curtain "Polar": Hem & Viebahn. Heat pump "Fighter 750" with 3-liter technology: Nibe. (As of 11/10)

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