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Linda Hesse: "Just stay as you are!

Linda Hesse hits the nerve of the times with her album "Precision Landing".
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  1. Interview about men, fashion and music
  2. Precise landing
  3. Linda Hesse is privately Linda Hesse on stage

Interview about men, fashion and music

She is being traded as the new crown princess of the schlager. For good reason...

"You're an asshole, a real asshole, honey, that's you." Schlager singer Linda Hesse (24) is not squeamish when she gobbles up her unfaithful friend with the guitar in the music video for "D + B + E + A".

Linda Hesse does not mince words. Naughty and blunt, she sings what many think. Songs directly from life. In the interview, she reveals her life motto: "Stay as you are!"

"Trust your heart and your emotions, " she advises her fans. This is not always easy and always provides the pop singer with new material for her songs.

In particular, the very everyday relationship wandering is her theme again and again. "In a relationship, you should be there for each other, in good times and in bad times, that sounds like a cliché, but it hits the nail on the head, " Linda Hesse tells us. And then she will sing a few bars to an unfaithful man.

Precise landing

With "I'm not a man, " she stormed the charts last year, and she's just released her first album, "Point-to-Point Landing . " Thus, she is in the front row, the succession of hit greats such as Helene Fischer (28) and Andrea Berg (47) to compete.

With Helene Fischer she was already able to sing her hit from the last year together. Even today she is still enthusiastic: "The duet with Helene Fischer was my personal highlight for me in 2012. I sometimes watch the video today and still can not believe that I really experienced it." She is a real superstar But most of all, I got to know her after the show as an incredibly warm young woman who really gave me a great chance on my way - I'll never forget that. "

Linda Hesse does not have such typical role models for a young pop singer: "I like people who are honest and direct.Personals in my job are artist personalities who are on stage with their musicians for many years and always are themselves remained loyal, eg Udo Lindenberg or Peter Maffay. "

Linda Hesse is privately Linda Hesse on stage

Linda Hesse has hit the nerve of the times with her cheeky songs. The special thing about her: She speaks to her fans from the soul, does not smell anything and is just herself.

In contrast to many other young stars, she does not shy away, maintains the contact also on her Facebook page . "Linda Hesse privately is also Linda Hesse on stage, I am a musician with heart and soul and love to share my music with other people." She has had only positive experiences so far, she says.

"Many of the people who come to the autograph sessions every day are friends with me on Facebook, and now they know me and my songs very well! We are a growing family - now there are more than 7, 000 likes. That makes me proud, too. "

Small peculiarities make Linda Hesse fashionable too unique. She likes to combine a sexy look with extraordinary accessories like ... suspenders! Whether she plans her own suspenders collection, we want to know. "That's a cool idea, thanks, I have to think about it ...", she laughs.

Who knows? When Stefanie Hertel (33) brings out a dirndl collection, why not wear a suspenders collection from Linda Hesse? We would trust her.

But first comes the Germany tour in October. And Linda Hesse wants to take special care of her fans: "It's going to be over 20 days of music and exciting touring life, and I'm looking forward to the many concerts and especially the people who buy a ticket for me and my band There's nothing better for a musician than playing live on stage, and I'll keep a long autograph session after the concerts, so hopefully all fans will have enough time. "

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