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That's why we should definitely wear lingerie ...

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Which lingerie do I buy? What is the right size for me? And what color is I anyway? Questions about questions! When it comes to the purchase of sexy lingerie, we are sometimes a bit awkward. But not anymore. We talked to lingerie expert and online shop owner Laurence Saunier (36). The online shop "liaison dangereuse" is the joint work of her and a friend. The two women know what woman wants ... Namely, everything your heart desires! From lace and silk to shaping shapewear we can happily shop. She reveals us her tips and tricks for the big performance. Finally we can breathe again and surprise our sweetheart confidently in noble lingerie!

About 70% of women wear lingerie in the wrong size! How do I find the perfect bra?

Laurence Saunier: Basically, it's important to develop a sense of whether a bra fits or not. Every woman has different breasts, some of them are farther apart, but not in the other. The pure measurement of the bra size is far from everything. Try and develop a feeling for the right fit is just as important! To determine the correct bra size, you need two sizes. The measuring tape from the armpits to the upper part of the bust gives the bust size, the underbust circumference is measured below the bust. Our cup size is the difference between underbust and chest. With a difference of 12 to 14 cm you wear the size A, with 14-16 cm B. And so it continues in 2 cm steps.

If I know my bra size, does this size suit me then from any company?

Laurence Saunier: No. Knowing his size is one thing. Models in different forms to test the other. You should always try again! The underbust band should never sit too loose, rather a little tighter. Remember: a bra is always expanding!

Which lingerie suits my figure? Should I rather wear a thong on a feminine hips, so as not to emphasize small cushions?

Laurence Saunier: If you just need underwear for everyday wear and quickly slip into your favorite jeans, it certainly does not matter if the string cuts in or not. But for the big performance you should definitely avoid this. A panty is the best solution, she always makes a great, round butt. But if you want to hide small cushions, you should resort to shapewear. Shapewear is not the same shapewear, there are now really great, sexy models from the string to the retro panty.

Cliché: Black is for everyone! Right, right?

Laurence Saunier: Black is certainly a good way to really get into the spotlight. Black laminated. Of course, if you wear an extremely narrow string, the color does not matter. But with a high-cut panty black is a good thing, so we can hide a kilo or two.

Why are lingerie so important? Can we look at what we actually carry underneath?

Laurence Saunier: Definitely. A woman wearing sexy lingerie under her clothes has a very different charisma. The feeling knows every woman! Our lingerie is that which is closest to our body. When we wear expensive silk, we feel much better and transport that mood! Flirting is also much easier for us ...

What are the lingerie trends for the coming autumn?

Laurence Saunier: Towards winter, lingerie gets darker and darker. Shapewear is certainly a big topic, it is getting more beautiful and seductive. In addition, the vintage style is in great demand. The lingerie trends are also adapting to the trends in outerwear. Many want their star blouse and the matching bra with pattern.

Do you still have a tip for us?

Laurence Saunier: You often underestimate lingerie ! They give us a good feeling and a lot of well-being. It is important that you do not worry too much! In recent years, lingerie has also taken on a completely different status. Previously, there were only two directions "cheap" or "oll". Today there is high quality, stylish linen. There is no talk of flat eroticism any more. We speak of refined, sexy lightness!