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Zac Efron's hot flirt with model Alexandra Storm

Zac Efron cuddled in public in Saint Tropez

Zac Efron, Alexandra Storm

What is actually driving Zac Efron? Anyone who suspects him to be hard-pressed to work in any location is wrongly wrapped. The Beau enjoys just the sweet idleness in the French celebrity stronghold of Saint Tropez and there is not even alone unterwegs.Am yesterday he was at least spotted in a restaurant with the model Alexandra Storm, where the two are anything but a purely friendly impression made. It is said, the two met recently at the birthday party of the film producer Mohammed Al Turki, where it should have sparked immediately. Zac Efron is to have just met his new flame. He confirmed in fact on Twitter just with the girl in question and Roberto Cavalli to have dinner. It is quite possible that Zac Efron was also among the guests. But is Alexandra Sturm a good match for him? She likes smokes in photos and throws on her online profile with revealing photos as well as dirt words around. We are not convinced that this is a suitable choice for our sweetie Zac! SE