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Cher as catwoman

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As the British Daily Telegraph reports, Cher would be the ideal cast for director Christopher Nolan: "He's looking for someone to incarnate a vamp at the end of his life." The new Catwoman will be the complete opposite of her previous purring representatives, "said a Warner spokesman Bros.


Cher's Life in Pictures (17 pictures)

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Does this statement flatter Cher? After all, she has put herself under the knife countless times to look forever young. Cher was last seen in 2003 in "Stuck on You - good friends no one can separate".

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With Cher, the star contingent is far from over. Johnny Depp is currently trading as a new "Riddler". Shooting for the film under the working title "The Caped Crusader" is scheduled for early 2009 in Vancouver.

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