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Boris Becker and his Lilly: After reconciliation, their biggest wish comes true

Lilly nestles lovingly to Boris - yes, that's what love looks like!
Photo: Imago / i Images

A sister for Amadeus!

Sometimes you have to survive a crisis to realize what is really important in life. Today, Boris and Lilly know very well: it's just the family.

The past year was a test for Boris Becker (45) and his wife Lilly (36). Several times the marriage of the two was about to end: alcohol drama, party escapades, public quarrels and bitter reproaches - one scandal chased the next.

Boris Becker even escaped into the arms of ex-wife Barbara (46) and it seemed Lilly had lost him forever. But she fought for Boris and he also regretted: "Lilly is the love of my life. It's the greatest thing for me to be a father. "

And after reconciliation, his dearest wish to come true seems to be a sister to Amadeus (2)!

Behind the always so self-confident facade of the tennis hero is just a soft core. Boris Becker has realized after the wild months past that he finds real support and true love only at home - in the arms of his family. Already, he can not wait to finally become a father again: "I love the smell of babies."

And also Lilly grows more and more into the role as a mother. Gone are the nights of celebrations, the champagne hangover in the morning after. Lilly wants to be a better mom, says, "I love my prince! Sleeping next to him and cuddling and smooching with him all night. "

Yes, that sounds like true motherly love. And that is the best condition for the second child with husband Boris. She recently confessed to him and the public: "I want one, two, or many more children."

Although it took a while - how nice that Lilly and Boris finally live the way it should: as responsible parents, whose own children are more important than the wild parties and the exciting jet-set life.