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Young & beautiful with Ayurveda

Ayurveda - that's not as complicated as it sounds. Here's how you can easily use Indian teaching for yourself.

Ayurvedic teaching is designed to harmonize body and soul.
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For a radiant look - and more power!

In Ayurveda, most people think of relaxing massages, soothing oil spills and fragrant spices. Everything is right. But the Indian "doctrine of life" can do much more: it affects metabolism, skin, soul and fitness - and even slows down the aging process!

The pillars of Ayurvedic teaching:

  • Clean & detoxify

Our body is polluted daily with pollutants such as exhaust gases or preservatives. An unbalanced diet, too little exercise and stress additionally ensure that slags accumulate in the tissue. The first step to more youth and freshness in Ayurveda is therefore: the inner cleansing.

  • nutrition

According to ayurvedic teaching: Healthy is what is adapted to the type of strength, the individual constitution, complaints and lifestyle. The foods should strengthen the body, mind and soul and make the immune system fit. So stress, fatigue and aging process do not even come into play.

  • Move

The Ayurvedic way of life also includes a regular light training. Important: The sport should suit your Dosha type and not overwhelm you. Then the movement acts as a fountain of youth for the whole body, eliminating cell damaging free radicals - and makes you fit instead of finished!

  • Relax & care

Hustle, one-sided nutrition or little sleep unfortunately do not pass our skin without a trace. And the body will eventually rebel with muscle tension or fatigue. But: Targeted relaxation and beauty units bring back body, skin and soul!

Decisive for the perfect sense of well-being: The three orderly powers (Doshas) Vata, Pitta and Kapha must be in balance.

For that you should find out which Dosha prevails in you. Below you will find the characteristics of the respective Dosha types:


  • Appearance: Slim, delicate, fine face
  • Eating Behavior: Little appetite, loves hot food
  • Psyche: Sensitive, intuitive, quick learner
  • Complaints: sleep disorders, psychosomatic disorders


  • Appearance: Athletic, concise nose
  • Eating: Eating and drinking a lot, loves cold food
  • Psyche: Emotional, passionate, analytical, goal-oriented, assertive
  • Complaints: now and then nightmares, tendency to inflammation


  • Appearance: tall, wide, round face
  • Eating: Enjoy, love spicy food
  • Psyche: Stable, balanced, meek, calm, enduring
  • Complaints: Pronounced late riser, tends to depressive moods