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Does Harry Style hunt for Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber's mothers?

Selena Gomez is afraid to have Harry Styles hunting instinct

If someone like Harry Styles makes no secret of being older women, it is only understandable that many a teenager in show business is worried about whether their own mother is safe from the "One Direction" Kasanova. Especially if it looks good and not too old. Selena Gomez confessed now, according to the "Mirror", that she and Justin Bieber fear that the crafty colleague could hunt for their mommies. "Both me and Justin have really hot mothers, and Justin said Harry may have become one of my best buddies, but given his past, we need to keep him away from our mothers." "Pattie Mallette is still to be had, but Harry Styles should While Selena Gomez's mom is dating Mandy Teefey, Pattie Mallette would still be single and found loot for Harry Styles. Outwardly, it also corresponds to his booty scheme. However, his recent romances with Caroline Flack and Lucy Horbin ended relatively quickly and the "One Direction" star left broken hearts behind - definitely not what Justin Bieber's mom needs

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