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Inventors: These women have changed the world!

Inventors: We owe the Teddy to Margarete Steiff!
Photo: Corbis / Steiff (2)

These are our idols!

Steiff Animals, Dishwashers, Disposable Diapers, Wipers & Co .: Did you know that all these things were invented by women? We introduce you to the most famous inventors in history and their "babies". These are our idols ...

Although it has been said for centuries that women are behind the stove, these inventors have not been deterred from creating great things - and forever changing the world.

Today, the inventions of Margarete Steiff still make children's eyes sparkle all over the world : in almost every child's room, the stuffed animals of the inventor are sitting. Josephine Cochrane we owe the dishwasher. And Marie Curie even received a Nobel Prize for her invention: she and her husband Pierre Curie discovered the chemical elements polonium and radium.

Which inventors impress us otherwise, you will find out here ...