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Okay app: your smartphone now answers style questions

Helpful apps are now like sand by the sea. But you should know this new application for the smartphone, because Okay could save you from one or the other fashion faux pas - really!

New best friend in style questions: Okay provides fashionable perspective.
Photo: iStock

We all like such a best friend: one who is honest when we just do not look good in the new mini dress. Because this is hard to find in real life, there is now the app Okay, which stands us by the side with fashion questions .

Whether for the job interview, the first date or just the movie night with the girlfriends, the App Okay answers one of the most important questions ever: " What should I wear ?"

To find out, simply photograph the outfit options and have them rated and commented on by the Okay community in real time. This simple system works - the application has more than 50, 000 users worldwide. Among them are also bloggers and true stars. It would not be a miracle if Diane Kruger will soon give you an outfit tip - the actress is also a fan of the Okay app!

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