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Facebook Messenger: No more chat in Facebook app

Facebook forces to the second app for chatting

Facebook removes the chat in his app! Instead of sending messages via the normal app as before, users now have to switch to the separate messenger app.

Facebook imposes the chat lock! As announced in April, the social network is now breaking off chat from its regular smartphone app. The button is retained, but leads directly to the download to Facebook Messenger App, which is already on the market and is installed on 200 million users worldwide on the phone.

In the US, the Facebook Messenger App is already a success - twelve billion messages are currently sent daily. Users should respond 20% faster as soon as they use the separate app.

Facebook has long been asking its users to download the Messenger App. But even after the download, the social network gives no rest, it calls with messages to recommend the Facebook Messenger to his friends.

How many users are actually willing to have two Facebook apps on their smartphone, or rather to finally switch to WhatsApp & Co., remains to be seen.