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Thanks, Facebook! So the security check helps after the attacks of Paris

Photo: Screenshot Facebook

This feature tells you if your friends are safe

What happens on the night of November 14, 2015 in Paris, I can hardly put into words. My mother is currently in Paris. Thanks to this Facebook function, I know that she is fine!

The world stands still, everyone struggles for words. For what is indescribable. For the horror, the terror.

No one could guess what will happen in the last night of November for horror scenarios in France's capital. And anyone whose friends or relatives are in Paris wonders how they feel. So do I. My mother is in Paris with her best friend, very close to the 10th arrondissement.

But I know she's fine. Thank God! Thanks to the ingenious Facebook function, she told me this morning that everything is ok with her. Since this morning, Facebook has made the SECURITY CHECK available. Your friends who are in Paris can state that nothing has happened to them.

In addition, you can still see who is from your contacts exactly where in Paris.

And here you come to the Facebook security check >>>

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