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Worth knowing about atopic dermatitis, urinary tract infection and runny nose

  1. Questions to family doctor Dr. med. Petra Bracht
  2. My two children suffer from eczema and their skin sheds strong. Is creaming better than moisturizing oil baths? However, I have heard that oil baths have become discredited by new studies. What do you advise me?
  3. Reply from Dr. Bracht:

Questions to family doctor Dr. med. Petra Bracht

The general practitioner and Naturopath has a private practice in Bad Homburg. Here she will advise you.


My two children suffer from eczema and their skin sheds strong. Is creaming better than moisturizing oil baths? However, I have heard that oil baths have become discredited by new studies. What do you advise me?

Silvie B. (32), Kronau

    Reply from Dr. Bracht:

    It is true that in recent years superfatting oil baths in atopic dermatitis patients are classified as rather unfavorable. However, the arguments do not seem to make sense to me. Since the accident risk of slipping is listed by a slippery bathtub. Another objection is that so far no study has demonstrated the desired effect and that possible allergic reactions to antimicrobials may occur. But since especially smaller children are difficult to cream, the oil bath is a viable alternative. If creaming is feasible, use moisturizing ointments that also contain urea. In atopic dermatitis, the proportion of urea in the skin is lower than that of healthy skin. Urea helps to store water, making the skin more elastic and resistant. But do not forget that our skin needs to be nourished from the inside as well. It is necessary to enrich our food with the right oils, which are then available to the skin. Suitable is cold-pressed linseed oil, which has many unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids. then to the heart and is distributed from there across the arteries in the body. Also, the blood is taken from the vein, the needle is applied intravenously.


      I have heard that not only the bladder but also the ureters can catch fire. How can this happen? Renate C. (55), victories

        Reply from Dr. Bracht: The lower urinary tract infection is an inflammation of the urethra and / or the urinary bladder. However, if such bacterial cystitis is chronic, the bacteria can continue to move upwards towards the ureter and infect it. The ureters connect the bladder with the renal pelvis. Ureteral inflammation can often be the reason for a subsequent pyelonephritis. Because bacteria that are not stopped, have the urge to multiply on and on. That's why it's so important to always cure bladder infections and not stop the therapy too early. If the cystitis is ascending and thus affected the ureter, often only helps an antibiotic. However, after this medication, you can do a great deal to prevent future infections: avoid cold feet and keep your abdomen warm at all times. You should drink a lot to flush germs from the bladder. Teas with bearberry leaves, goldenrod and peppermint have an anti-inflammatory effect and help to stabilize the mucous membranes of the bladder and ureter. Teas with horsetail or birch leaves in turn have a diuretic effect.


          As soon as it gets cooler, I get a cold. What do you think of cold sprays? Are there any alternatives? Helga S. (43), Kirchheim

            Reply from Dr. Bracht: There are only two types of cold sprays for me that I can recommend with a clear conscience. The one variant is a cold spray with sea salt. This spray gives the nose the necessary moisture. It also has a slightly rinsing effect. The natural minerals contained in the sea salt also support the regeneration of the nasal mucosa. This improves the well-being significantly. The second candidate is a novel spray that lowers the local pH in the nasal mucosa to acidic levels. This is achieved by the addition of one percent mixture of different celluloses (hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose gel). Due to the acidic pH, the activity of common cold viruses is inhibited, so that a further increase is no longer possible. However, both sprays work only if they occur early in the infection, that is, if your cold just started. To prevent and harden, you should be in the fresh air for half an hour every day in wind and weather. Do not be put off by the autumn rain: pure in rubber boots and rain jacket! The daily intake of zinc, Q 10 and vitamin C also supports your body's defense, so you have something to counteract the autumn-typical onslaught of cold viruses.


            What does the cashier pay? When am I entitled to compensation? Good, if you know his right


              I have particularly stubborn asthma that can only be relieved at the Dead Sea. Does the health insurance company have to pay the cure now? Sybille A., Meersburg

                If you can prove that your illness can not be effectively cured due to the climate in Germany, the health insurance funds may not reject the application for a foreign cure for reasons of cost. Include this medical certificate as your application. (Ref .: L 1 KR 1202/03)


                  My ten-year-old daughter had a bad cold. Do I have to take annual leave (as happened) or is it different? Meike V., Saarbr├╝cken

                    For sick children under twelve, parents can take time off. Single parents are entitled to 20 days per child per year (up to 50 days for several children), married persons are granted for ten days each (several children maximum 25 days). The salary is paid six days, the rest is considered unpaid leave. There is no claim for older children.

                    DISTRESSED AND THEATER?

                      Because of a cold, I am on sick leave, but would like to take my theater subscription. Hella T., Karlsruhe

                        Ill-written workers are not allowed to do anything that delays or endangers their recovery, according to labor law. Anyone who goes into the restaurant with an upset stomach risks a warning. A declining cold does not rule out a visit to the theater.

                        PATIENT ACTION MUST BE LESABLE

                          Finally, I have received copies of my treatment documents. But these are unreadable, and my doctor does not explain anything to me. Marion K., Duisburg

                            Insist! The Labor Court Hagen has confirmed that every patient has the right to complete information. Your doctor is required to fully inform you of the contents of the medical records. (Az .: 10 C 33/97)

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