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Funny Video: Dog involuntarily shows teeth

Please smile!
Photo: YouTube / pylit4lyfe

Windy matter

Live the moment and enjoy every moment. This was probably also the thought of this Weimaraner, who obviously enjoyed the windy car ride.

What could be better than driving on a sunny day with the top down and feeling the shallow wind blowing through your hair ... or through the fur, as in this video. The word "shallow" does not apply here either, because the airstream seems to be quite strong!

A Weimaraner cranks his head through the open roof while driving through the car and enjoys the wind. It does not even seem to bother him that the strong wind blows his lips back so much that all his teeth are visible. On the contrary, he extends his muzzle instead even a little further into the wind. His dog friend does not seem to like the windy business. He prefers to lie comfortably in the back seat and watch the whole thing from a safe distance.

A great video and above all a pretty funny sight. We definitely had to laugh a lot when we saw the windy ride!