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Fogging: Why the black dust so often occurs in women's flats

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Where does the sooty dust come from?

Do you know this black, sooty dust that spreads in many homes known as the "fogging effect"? Where does he comes from? And why is he often in women's flats?

Especially in the winter of the heating season, he suddenly appears in many apartments: the fogging effect or the fogging phenomenon.

Dark dust that spreads into homes - and its disposal can be quite expensive. Especially over radiators, the black dust is formed. Often the dust is rather greasy and is not only stuck on walls, but also in hair.

And that was not always the case. The fogging effect has only been around since the mid-1990s. But where does he come from? And why are some apartments and houses affected and others not?

Unfortunately, one does not know that exactly. But there are some striking similarities in flats in which the fogging phenomenon occurs:

"Often, the phenomenon only occurs after major renovations, such as a renovation in spring, but the black dust effect is then only in the incipient heating season, because then less air is released, " writes, for example, the Federal Environmental Agency.

But why only since the 1990s? Apartments have been renovated before and heated in winter.

It was first said that the introduction of certain new, greener products was to blame. Low Volatile Organic Compounds (SVOC) in wallpapers, paints and varnishes. But also in some candles, tealights and household chemicals such as cleaning agents or furniture polish. The softeners evaporate into the air, combine with the dust in the air (especially in winter when we have less ventilation) and then settle on ceilings and walls, etc. In addition, there are better sealed windows and better thermal insulation.

And why are apartments affected by women? It is striking that flats are hit by black dust especially often, whose residents like to light candles, use scented oils, perfume and cosmetics and have and use many household cleaners.

The Federal Environmental Agency can give the all-clear: "Fortunately, there is no danger to health by fogging Before the black dust is removed, a mold should be excluded and, if possible, the cause can be found .. Also soot deposits are excluded, which would then be harmful The local health and environment offices give tips on how to proceed. "

Nevertheless, the black dust is extremely annoying and can be quite expensive: Just paint over it brings nothing. It is best to get rid of it by wiping the walls damp, in the water should be detergent or plastic cleaner. This in turn attacks the wallpaper, which is why it can happen that you have to re-wallpaper.

One can only prevent, by one already during the renovation of the apartment on the fact that one uses solvents and softener-free colors, carpets and furniture with the Blue Angel buys and then airs intensively, advises the Federal Environment Agency.

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