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VulnerabilityWhatsApp hacked - be sure to update your app!

WhatsApp had a security hole and was hacked. Facebook users urgently recommend an update.

WhatsApp was hacked for a security breach. Users should definitely import an update.
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WhatsApp has a security hole. This time, unauthorized persons are allowed to remotely access a smartphone. The hacker can inject the so-called "spyware" by a WhatsApp call into the respective device - even if the person called does not pick up. This is reported by Heise and The New York Times. WhatsApp, which has been on Facebook since 2014, had noticed the hacker attack itself.

WhatsApp gehackt - aktualisiere unbedingt deine App!
Due to a hacker attack due to a vulnerability, WhatsApps is at risk.
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Is this company behind the WhatsApp attacks?

Behind the hackers allegedly the Israeli security company NSO stuck. Because a Canadian human rights lawyer noticed several missed WhatsApp calls at strange times of the day, he became skeptical. The calls came from an alleged Norwegian number. So the suspicion arose that the company NSO would have something to do with the attacks, because: Against the company, the lawyer is involved in some lawsuits for spyware. The security firm denied the allegations already.

WhatsApp: When you should do an update

Due to the hacker attack Facebook advises WhatsApp users to play a current version on the smartphone. If your WhatsApp versions are NOT among the following, you should install an update:

  • Android: v2.19.134
  • Business for Android: v2.19.44
  • iOS: v2.19.51
  • Business for iOS: v2.19.51
  • Tizen: v2.18.15
  • Windows Phone: v2.18.348

How many of the world's approximately 1.5 billion users are affected by the hacker attack, WhatsApp did not say . The last major security breach of the news messenger occurred in October 2018. Hackers had managed to hijack the smartphone with a video attack.

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