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Cinnamon Challenge "costs 13-year-olds almost life

Cinnamon can cause suffocation
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Swallowing a spoonful of cinnamon is the trend among teenagers. But that can be deadly.

He just wanted to be as cool as his friends. The 13-year-old Germain from the Nierlanden choked on this dangerous test of courage. For 5 days the teen was in a coma and barely got away with it.

"Cinnamon Challenge" is the name of a dangerous trend that is currently spilling over to us from the USA. Teenagers challenge themselves in Youtube videos to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. But that can be deadly, because the spice can cause suffocation.

Even little Matthew died because he got his hands on cinnamon. The dangers of inhaling the spice are often underestimated.

That's what happened to Germain. He swallowed a whole spoon of cinnamon without liquid and got no more air. Due to the lack of oxygen he fell into a coma. To the present condition of the boy, the doctors said nothing specific. What the doctor said, "Germain asked me to say two words, ' Do not do it!'"

In this video you can see teenagers taking part in the Cinnamon Challenge. PLEASE, DONT'T TRY THAT!!!!!