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Kampfhund does not give way to his injured owner!

This pit bull is a faithful soul
Photo: Source: Facebook
  1. The faithful dog should be taken out of his family because he is a fighting dog.
  2. Fighting dog should be taken away
  3. Fighting dogs in Germany

The faithful dog should be taken out of his family because he is a fighting dog.

This fighting dog is considered dangerous and should be taken away, doing the most wonderful thing a dog can do for its owner. He did not leave his side when he was hurt by a fire!

The dog is the best friend of man - proves this video again. The fighting dog joins its owner when it was injured by a fire in his house. It is wonderful to see how strong the bond between dog and master is.

If there's any doubt that dog is one's best friend, this will curb that. This dog refused to leave his owner's side. --->

Posted by NBC Connecticut on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Two people were injured in the fire in the state of Maryland, but they are now on the road to recovery.

Fighting dog should be taken away

You can tell by the look of the pit bull, how worried he is about his injured by the fire master. And such an animal should be an aggressive beast? There are strict laws that even forbid the attitude of the fighting dogs. The dog in the video from the US state of Maryland was also affected by such a law, he should be taken away from his family. But then the family decided to move to another US state, where they can live peacefully with their fighting dog and two other dogs. It shows again how great the love between man and dog is.

Fighting dogs in Germany

In Germany, dealing with the fighting dogs is a matter for the federal states. Most federal states assume that the fighting dogs are dangerous and aggressive dogs from which the population must be protected. The list dog regulation regulates which requirements must be fulfilled, if one wants to keep a fighting dog. The so-called list dogs include dogs that are considered by law as dangerous or potentially dangerous, including, for example, the Pit Bull Terrier, Rottweiler and American Staffordshire Terrier.


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