Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Cloth bag for shoes

  • Blue cotton fabric of 24 x 80 cm
  • Satin ribbon in pink
  • Fabric leftovers in pink
  • Vliesofix (haberdashery)
  • Rickankee (haberdashery)
  • Textile adhesive (eg

      from G├╝termann)
    • paper
    • pencil
    • scissors
    • Sewing machine and yarn
    • sewing needle

    1. Fold the blue fabric right side in half, stitch the side seams and zigzag the edges.

    2. Turn over the bag and turn the top edge inwards twice. Quilting, creating a tunnel.

    3. Cut a small hole in the tunnel on both sides, finish the edges by hand.

    4. Pull bands through with a safety pin. Knot ribbon ends.

    5. Draw shoe shape on paper and transfer to the fabric remainder.

    6. Iron Vliesofix onto the fabric. Cut out shoes and iron on the bag.

    7. From fabric scraps form small mini-loops and glue together with rickrack on the shoe.