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Storage jars for sewing utensils

Ready in 20 minutes!

Photo: deco & style

  • Cotton fabric (eg flowered, fabric department)
  • 2 empty jam jars
  • Filling cotton (craft shop)
  • Racquets in light blue (haberdashery)
  • liquid all-purpose glue (eg from UHU)
  • Textile glue (eg from Gütermann, haberdashery, 4.50 Euro)
  • scissors

It's that easy:

1. For the pincushion, cut out a piece of fabric in the diameter of the glass lid plus 3 cm seam and fill allowance.

2. Form a handful of cotton wool to the ball, place it on the lid and put the fabric over it. Turn over the fabric to the inside of the lid and glue with all-purpose glue.

3. Fix the rickrack on the edge of the lid with textile adhesive.

Tip: As a rolling aid for wool, simply punch a hole in the glass lid and pull wool thread through!