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Scroguard: Contraceptive underwear should protect against venereal diseases

Photo: YouTube / Scroguard

For safe sex

Underwear that protects against venereal diseases? Scroguard should be able to do just that. We reveal how the prevention underwear works.

Scroguard is said to be the new contraceptive trend from the US. The latex underwear for the man to prevent sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes can be transmitted during sex. Because even if a condom is used, there is always a residual risk. After all, the genital areas still come into direct contact with each other.

According to the manufacturer, the prevention underwear is especially for men who like to have changing sexual partners or even for swinger couples. But even people in a stable or open relationship, who would like to sleep together with a quiet conscience, should benefit from Scroguard.

With Scroguard Safer Sex should now be even safer

The name of the product derives from the word Scrotum, the Latin term for the man's scrotum. Scroguard safely covers the entire abdomen of the man. The latex panties are attached to a diaper by means of side snaps. An opening in the center of the birth underwear allows wearing a condom. Of course, this should not be waived. It eventually protects against many sexually transmitted diseases and also serves contraception.

Scroguard is washable, but can easily be disposed of in trash after wearing. The prevention underwear is already available for $ 19.99. So far, Scroguard is only sold to the US. But who knows, maybe the new contraception trend will come to us soon.

The promotional video below explains in detail how the latex underwear works for the man.

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