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The water diet

Drink and lose weight

Drink yourself slim! If you consume a mixture of water, ginger, cucumber, lemon and mint at regular intervals, your stomach (and head) will feel a sense of satiety.

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  1. "Drink yourself at the water of the bright spring!"
  2. Drunk every hour on the hour
  3. Have breakfast extensively
Now, if you change your diet a bit and stay below 1, 200 calories a day, the pounds will practically flow away.

"Drink yourself at the water of the bright spring!"

Already the Roman writer and philosopher Apuleius found apt words: "Drink yourself at the water of the bright spring!" Did he perhaps already know the effect of the water diet?

It has been scientifically proven that in emergency situations the human body can forego solid foods for days. But without water, he can only stand it for a few hours. No wonder, water with a share of more than 50 percent is an elemental component of our body and also important for the metabolism. That makes use of the water diet. By regular drinking, the energy turnover should be boosted and thus the weight loss accelerated.

To increase the fat-burning effect and also to give the diet drink a little taste, two liters of water with a piece of grated ginger (about two inches tall), ten to twelve mint leaves, a peeled and sliced ​​cucumber and the juice a lemon enriched. Everything is mixed together in a large jug and put in the fridge for mixing overnight.

Drunk every hour on the hour

To get used to the regular drinking, you should set clear rules at the beginning: Drinked before and after meals, and preferably on every full hour.

The ingredients contained in the water all have their very own effect on the metabolism: the ginger stimulates - just like the lemon - the burning of fat. Circulation and digestion is boosted by the mint. Cucumbers contain many vitamins and trace elements and should help with purification.

At the beginning, it can cost you to drink only the water mixture. Start with a glass and gradually increase to three glasses per drink unit. Encouraging side effect of the water diet: pollutants are flushed out of the body and the skin becomes much more tender due to the sufficient water supply.

Have breakfast extensively

Your meals - because even the name of the diet suggests it, you can regularly eat solid foods - should be well-structured during the diet and consist of a healthy and calorie-reduced mixed diet. Have a hearty breakfast, lunch should be a combination of whole grains, lean meat and salad. Stay back in the evening: low carbohydrates, lots of protein. Between meals, you should not eat for about an hour.

As with almost every diet, there are some points to consider. Drink enough, even over thirst. But do not overdo it. More than five to six liters in no time are very unhealthy. The kidneys are overstrained and the body empties in addition to the superfluous pollutants and minerals and trace elements. The concomitant symptoms are painful muscle spasms. But you can prevent them with an extra dose of magnesium.

When the first pounds fall, you will find that the Roman writer and philosopher Apuleius was really right.

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