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Trendy Badenixen swimwear 2015: These are the swimwear trends

Approaching mermaids take care! These trendy bikinis and swimsuits will not only please Neptune. Plus: who cares best.

Floral bikini by Guss, about 130 euros, Guess
Photo: Impressions
  1. Swimwear Trend> Tropical Prints
  2. Swimwear Trend> Cutouts
  3. Swimwear Trend> Metallic
  4. Swimwear trend> digital pattern

Off to the beach and into the floods is our motto for the upcoming holiday season. Sure, that we reward ourselves for the long saved vacation with a new bikini (so much time - and of course money - must be). Let's go to the city ... But what awaits us in the shops? Can we find something here for the individual taste? We've put together four trends for the upcoming bathing season that we liked the most - and you'll be bathed in compliments on the beach. These are the Swimwear Trends 2015:

Swimwear Trend> Tropical Prints

Here comes the holiday feeling twice on: the bikinis and swimsuits shine with printed palm trees, exotic flowers and cheerful colors to the bet. Since one wishes only the beach chair and the cocktail here ...

But beware! Not every woman can handle the wild patterns. Depending on the cut, slim women in particular benefit from the swimwear trend . Because: Tropical prints can apply and cheat a fuller than you are.

Swimwear Trend> Cutouts

Since the jungle camp Monokinis, as with Tanja Tischewitsch or Sara Kulka, are again popular as rare. It looked pretty good too ... But the fashion industry is even better in terms of cutouts. This summer the swimwear is more holey than ever. Not only the classical, lateral parts are punched out, also belly parts, back parts or the area under the chest must believe in it.

And who is it? Almost all women can wear the parts with "neckline". They divert attention from problem areas, show skin without being shelled and make sexy, as rare.

Swimwear Trend> Metallic

Whether silver, gold or bronze - this summer we wrap ourselves on the beach in metallic tones that make us shimmer in the sunshine.

Who is it? Depending on the cut, all women can wear this trendy swimwear. However, women who have very light skin and thus get more freckles as a tan, should prefer to resort to another part, otherwise it seems too pale.

Swimwear trend> digital pattern

Last year, we saw XXL prints with floral blossoms, especially on T-shirts and Co. Now the designers go one step further. Graphic patterns, as created by the PC, make up the style of bikinis and swimsuits. The patterns are reminiscent of pixelated, enlarged photos.

Who can wear it? Again, as with all sample parts, you have to pay attention to the way the pattern is designed on the swimwear . Is the pattern centered and has black fabric elements on the outside? Great, this swimwear conceals and makes even slimmer. Allover prints must be chosen wisely, especially if you are stronger.