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Video: "I ate all your Halloween sweets

Halloween sweets

What happens when parents hide their children's Halloween sweets and say they ate all? Jimmy Kimmel has found out again!

Hallwoween candy Prank Jimmy Kimmel
Photo: Screenshot / Youtube

This banishment has a tradition! Jimmy Kimmel has again asked parents this Halloween to take away the sweets from their children. The reactions of the little ones to the loss of their Halloween candy are laughing.

"I have eaten all your Halloween sweets": For some years now, children have heard this sentence from their parents the day after Halloween. What the offspring is not happy about, millions of Internet fans have been waiting for a year. Because blame for the acid misery - and the successful video clips - is the late-night talker Jimmy Kimmel. In his show he instructs parents again and again to annoy their children and record the whole thing on video. The compilation of 2014 is again bittersweet, funny and thought-provoking.

This kid does not need Halloween sweets to get followers, it impresses with his dance moves!