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Beautiful pregnancy photos of a lesbian couple

Two pregnancies the lesbian couple has already lived through.
Photo: Instagram Mel Roy

The miracle of pregnancy

A lesbian couple has united their two pregnancies in a wonderful photo collage. The beautiful pictures now go around the world!

When Melanie and Vanessa Iris posted a photo together, they just wanted to share the wonder of pregnancy with their friends. Suddenly it's the whole world that admires the pictures of the two!

The pregnancy photos of the lesbian couple were created within a year. That the couple wanted children was always beyond doubt. Both Melanie and Vanessa Iris wanted to experience the wonder of pregnancy on their own body. Today they have realized their dream, one after the other both became pregnant and got a son and a daughter.

The first photo of the lesbian couple was made in January 2014. Vanessa was very pregnant with her first child. In the second picture, son Jax can already be seen. A year has passed, now it is Melanie, who carries her daughter Ero in the stomach.

The couple posted the pregnancy photos on Instagram two months ago, but only now they became viral . The fact that their pictures are suddenly in the media worldwide, the women can not believe, but they are happy. They hope with the unexpected fame to inspire other lesbian couples. The photos are meant to encourage other women to face the beautiful adventure of pregnancy.

A photo posted by Mel Roy (@therealmelroy) on Feb 13, 2015 at 6:16 pm