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The funniest knit ideas from Pinterest - so funny!

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Knitting ideas with a wink

What do real knit aces do when you are bored? Answer: They knit the craziest things. How funny their creativity beats, we show at the funniest examples of Pinterest.

Most of us are probably knitting scarves, socks or caps - but a few creative knit foxes go beyond the classic standard knitwear. The knitwear result: real wool crazes that will make everyone smile.

May we introduce: this is Lucky, a true Greyhound. But not only to the carnival dog and master overcomes the costume fever. Just be somebody else - that's lucky for Lucky with a knitted reindeer XXL headband with floppy ears and antlers. To howl funny ... Lucky's statement: Woo!

Annoyed in the train today and wanted the bad-tempered, jostling people early in the morning more brain? Well, now you can easily give it away ... Thanks to the knitted cap in pink the carrier in no time more smart turns and surprised looks guaranteed.

Cat-hair-allergic will be pleased: The British Shorthair with the lighthouses does not trigger sneezing. On the contrary. The unusual DIY scarf protects us from cold winds and is wonderfully cuddly. We almost start to purr ourselves ...

Careful, shark alert! But instead of walking off, it is with these knitted socks cuddly warm "fins" get. Guaranteed safe and usable without medical help.

We would mop it off on the street! The great thing: who does not have time for a dog, but the children quang, should be the hero of the day in the nursery with this new best friend in the evening. The instructions for the knitting idea are in this case at Pinterest.

Of course, the Pinner at Pinterest not only funny, but also cute! The best example: the small backpack in elephant look, to which we spontaneously just lost our hearts.

By the way: If you like down-to-earth - there are more knitting ideas in our large KNIT-SPECIAL

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