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Would you wear a wedding dress by H & M?

This wedding dress by H & M does not even cost 80 euros!
Photo: PR

Marry on a budget - go with H & M now

Looking for a wedding dress but no big budget left in your pocket?

H & M will launch its first bridal gown in spring 2014 - a bargain for less than 80 Euros!

The fashion giant H & M is hanging his very first wedding dress in the shops at the end of March. The floor-length white design in the Greek style has a pearl embroidered neckline and a ruched waist - especially enough for a wedding dress? We are not convinced yet!

The inspiration behind the design - Hollywood of the 1930s - is to give brides a "glamorous movie star look". And even consists of partly recycled materials.

But one question remains. Hand on heart: Would you wear a wedding dress by H & M?