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Sportswear 2014: Stylish for fitness training

At H & M, 2014 will be a colorful year when it comes to sportswear: Pink and black are celebrating visual success here.
Photo: H & M
  1. Current sports fashion
  2. Ran the bacon and off you go
  3. Perfect color duo

Current sports fashion

With this sport fashion it is fit - and above all stylish - in the coming spring ...

After the holidays, we feel like a ball through the lush food. But everything was so delicious! Anyway, as a good intent for the new year, we have anyway sport at the top of the to-do list written.

Ran the bacon and off you go

But a look in the wardrobe reveals: the long sports-free time has not even stylishly survived the existing sportswear . The jogging pants are worn out, T-shirts have been declared a casual wear and the sports shoes ... well ... could also be renewed ...

So if you want to plan your stylish appearance in the gym, you should take a look at the well-known online shops. There are currently plenty of chic sportswear in trendy colors.

Perfect color duo

Especially black in combination with pink has done to us. Great: any sweat stains are conjured invisible - and we feel beautiful in the outfits always. Even cheerful apricot and red tones refresh us visually.

As soon as the great sportswear has found a place in the cupboard at home, the motivation is twice as high to allow yourself a bit of exercise.

Here comes our sportswear for more pleasure in training ...

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