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Knitting patternKnitting cloth and hat: This set always fits!

Knit cap and matching cloth: Here is the instructions for a winter set!

How nice if the cloth and cap fit together!
Photo: Lana Grossa

We are always well dressed in winter with this set of shawl and warming cap. The set comes in a sophisticated lace pattern that attracts everyone's attention.

That's what you need:

  • Lana Grossa Olympia Pastello (53% virgin wool, 47% acrylic, run length 100m / 100g) 800 g raw white / light gray / pink / rosewood (Fb 612) or a total of 600 g for the cloth and 200 g for the cap
  • Knitting Needle No. 12
  • Game Needle No. 10
  • Crochet Hook No. 6

That's how it works:

Peacock pattern, M number divisible by 18 + 2 Randm : After knitting font arb. There are only hinr sign; in the back M and U li str. or as indicated in the legend. Start with the M before the rapport, always repeat the repeat of 18 M between the arrows. and end with the M after the rapport. The 1st - 4th R always wdh.

Small pear pattern : 1 st, 1 ml in lobes; move the M each round.

Click here to download the manual.

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