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Editor'S Choice

Lucky clover in lantern

- Paper lantern in white (department store)

- berbertopf

- 1 large pot of luck clover

- Satin ribbon in green for a bow (department store)

- Some premium metal

- Pr gestift or empty ballpoint pen

- Round labels (craft shop)

- Glitter pen in pink (craft shop)

- wire

- adhesive tape (eg

Scotch tape)

- Scissors

- Liquid all-purpose glue

1. Cut out the cover of the lantern almost to the edge.

2. Place a suitable planter in the lantern.

3. Plant the planter with the lucky clover.

4. Decorate edge of lantern with a bow. This can be attached with a drop of adhesive.

5. Cut a cloverleaf from a remaining piece of embossed metal and retighten the sheet contours with an embossing pen or an empty ballpoint pen. Put the cloverleaf in the clover.

6. Use a glitter pen to label small labels with the year and stick them to a wire with a little tape. Put the wire in the clover.