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More comfort in a small kitchen

Before, afterwards

Many kitchens are cramped and cut so unfavorably that there is little space for cooking, storage or even food. With a clever layout and sophisticated extras you still get some air!

The revolving worktop creates plenty of space in the kitchen; The cooking area, worktop and chic dining area merge into one. The turquoise-white color scheme creates a visual expanse in the kitchen, evokes the sky and the sea, brown wood fronts ground the mix. The bright floor underlines the clear line and stretches the kitchen visually; At the same time, the tabletop under the window brakes its tube character. Open wall shelves with utensils for everyday use and dainty barstools provide lightness; like the fragrant Roman shade, which lets in a lot of natural light

Do you want to renovate a small kitchen, this requires a well thought-out layout and a balance of open and closed shelves. With subtle wall shelves on both sides of the window provide storage space and generous light to the farthest corner. The surrounding working surface also creates a small dining area under which the bar stools can be cleverly accommodated. It is limited by the open shelf . The spacious cupboard elements and shelves in the door area are kept inconspicuously in the background after the kitchen renovation. Her warm brown wood tone makes the white of table and shelf plates even more luminous

Summer light turquoise gives the kitchen a friendly atmosphere and visually enlarges it; small splashes of color in light blue and pistachio add graduated accents. The white wall and work surface breaks the blue and loosens it up; At the same time, it holds the various kitchen elements together as a bright, bright ribbon. The dark brown wood tone gives the necessary depth.

Renovate the kitchen - expenses at a glance

✔ Kitchen modules "Faktum" by Ikea, color "White" from approx. 21 Euro✔ Fronts "Nexus" by Ikea, color "Ocher" from approx. 13 Euro✔ Worktop "Pragel" by Ikea, 186 x 62 cm, color "White From 30 Euro✔ wall shelf "Ribba" by Ikea, 115 x 9 cm, color "white" approx. 10 Euro✔ wall color "polar white", mixed in shade L213, by Schöner WohnenColour approx. 5 Euro / l✔ Roman shade "Confetti" from Gudrun Sjödén, 120 x 160 cm from approx. 27 Euro✔ Esprit laminate floor, "oak white" from approx. 25 Euro✔ Bar stool "Fjord", stainless steel frame, plastic shell with leather or fabric cover, from Moroso from approx. 830 Euro

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