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Pink: New hair color - new album is coming!

After four years break Pink brings out a new record

Pink / Instagram

Great news for all fans of Pink, who have missed her since her last album in 2008 and her career break after the birth of her daughter Willow Sage: The pop tube is working on a new album, as she just betrayed herself on Twitter. The announcement of new Music came at the same time as the presentation of her new hair color. The "Raise Your Glass" singer put in a photo on which she wears the hairstyle again according to her name. To this she wrote: "Okay, my hair is a very pale pink ... I know what that means !!! [...] Time for a new record! [...] Pink wants to go on a gypsy tour with husband and child Will it be immediately to give a new live tour? It might have been possible, after all, Pink had already announced in the past that she was plagued by the musical travel fever, but then she would go out with husband Carey Hart and the little daughter: "As soon as the baby, Mama 'can say, I go on tour ! We will be a traveling Gypsy family, with garlands in their hair. "We would not be so convinced of the latter sight, but new Pink tunes are a great thing! SE

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