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Miranda Kerr loses her luck recipe

Star Portrait: Miranda Kerr

Supermodel Miranda Kerr (30) copes quite well with the end of her marriage to Orlando Bloom. Her secret: early on, she found recipes and tricks to keep the mind and body in balance.

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  1. Miranda's recipe against difficult phases in life
  2. She grew up on a farm
  3. Hard fate strike for the young Miranda Kerr
  4. The professional breakthrough as Vicotoria's Secret Angel
  5. Your nutrition and fitness plan
This lucky recipe has now betrayed us.

Who is kissing Miranda Kerr? Orlando Bloom (37) no longer since late October at the latest - the couple filed for divorce after three years. Perhaps it is the billionaire entrepreneur James Packer (46), with whom the supermodel supposedly comforts. Surely, she smoochs her son Flynn (3), who now gets all the love of his mother.

The style of the experimental Australian is shown here!

The 30-year-old shows no signs of mourning. In her public appearances, she is relaxed and in a good mood. Again and again she can be seen with her ex, even arm in arm. The separated companies do a lot of threesomes, little son Flynn? "We still feel like a family, " says Orlando Bloom. And Miranda? How does she manage to deal so confidently with this private incision?

Miranda's recipe against difficult phases in life

Supposedly, the Australian has a simple recipe for that: she jumps. And for joy. "I do that in difficult phases. After a few minutes, I shook out the stress and feel reborn. "Surrendering to grief is not her thing:" If you want to feel happy, then you'll feel happy too. It's your decision."

This is not a sudden glimpse of the former Victoria's Secret model, who is now battling in a campaign of Swarovski crystals. Already in her book "Treasure Yourself", to which she recently presented the sequel "Empower Yourself" in Australia, she conveyed insights from her own experiences.

She grew up on a farm

And Miranda Kerr has learned a lot in life that goes far beyond the world of catwalks. The fact that she would gain a foothold in her was a surprise anyway. Since her mother was only 17 at birth, she grew up on her grandmother's farm. There she did not find happiness while reading fashion magazines, but on the back of the horses.

"That totally grounded me. I was a real tomboy. A friend called me in for a modeling contest at the age of 13. "In fact, she won and graduated at age 14 a shoot for a teen magazine. The big breakthrough, however, was still far away. After their first photos, the media criticized that they still look too young to pose for sexy shootings.

Hard fate strike for the young Miranda Kerr

However, Miranda was not discouraged, she wanted to finish school anyway. Her career began when she went to the States at the age of 21, where she completed the first campaigns for major labels such as Levi's, LAMB or Roberto Cavalli.

But then she already knew that fate can strike hard. When she was 15, her friend Christopher, with whom she had been living for two years, died in a car accident. "I wrote him a letter afterwards that I would name my first child after him." That's why Flynn's second name is Christopher.

The professional breakthrough as Vicotoria's Secret Angel

Professionally, she experienced her breakthrough in 2007, when she was named one of Victoria's Secret Angels - becoming the first Australian ever. But she remained modest: "I met my predecessors Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen and thought, 'They look incredible. What am I doing here? Why do you want me? '"But she is not a person who tears herself in the face of self-doubt. She thinks that every woman "should be happy about her uniqueness. Every flower is beautiful in its own way. "

Miranda Kerr's favorite apps are shown here!

That's easy for a successful beauty and sex symbol, you might think. But over the years, Miranda Kerr has discovered many recipes and techniques that help her to cope with all the challenges. And anyone can imitate them. Apart from jumping around, she has various good-mood kicks. For example, her favorite apps, where she gets advice of all kinds.

Your nutrition and fitness plan

She often prepares the "Miranda Mix", a cocktail of chia seeds, coconut beans, goji berries and protein powder. Through her grandmother, who discovered the value of organic nutrition, she discovered the juice of the noni fruit - it has over 170 vitamins and minerals. In general, the food is based on the 80/20 rule - 80 percent health conscious, 20 percent sin.

In addition there are regular fitness units, but with measure and goal. She trains twelve times a week with a "Pace Express" DVD by Dr. Ing. Al Sears, a program that is particularly effective at burning fat. She has also been doing yoga for more than 15 years: "I can switch off very well and focus on my body and my breath."

To foreclose on a breakup would be out of the question for Miranda. Even if she mourns, she does not hang herself and continues to pay attention to her health and nutrition. And so she can also achieve another goal better: "I want to bring harmony into the world." And no matter if the next man everything will be different - one thing stays as it always was: Miranda Kerr embraces life.

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