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Snoop Dogg wants Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle is to work with Snoop Dogg


Susan Boyle / ©

Just now we reported that Susan Boyle is looking for her dream man. She wants to fall in love with her as soon as possible. The good news is that the men are already queuing up. In addition to 50 cents and Alice Cooper, Snoop Dogg is also showing great interest in the singer. Unfortunately, this is just about making music. The rapper wants to work with Susan Boyle and wishes a duet with her. Although Schott must continue to accept her single existence, she will make big career steps in the future. "I'm happy to be in the studio with her, " Snoop Dogg tells the British newspaper Sun. "She is a great artist. We will think of something we can take together. I'm fully behind it. "Why not, the two singers are very successful and will surely storm the charts with a duet. Snoop raps and Susan will do one thing as always, giving the audience goose bumps, an interesting combination. The recordings should take place in the coming weeks. Susan Boyle, who became famous through Simon Cowell's talent show Britain's got talent, is not only ensnared by Snoop. Souldives Kelly Rowland and Lady Gaga also want to perform with her. This is one of the biggest compliments in the music scene, when the same number of stars want to work with one. Great that the 49-year-old is so popular with her colleagues and their fans. Now it only has to work with love.