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Tine Wittler: Is the wedding on the high seas invalid?

Is Tine Wittler still living in "wild marriage"?
Photo: Bongart / Getty Images

Living in "wild marriage"?

Tine Wittler (39) is happily embarked in the port of marriage - secretly, quietly and on the high seas.

As it now became known, the living expert married her partner Rene (36) on the "Queen Mary 2". It should have been completely romantic. Friends and family should also have been there.

But now comes the question of the validity of a wedding on the high seas. In principle, such a wedding is already valid, but not necessarily always with immediate effect.

According to BILD, the marriage of Tine Wittler is currently still invalid. The "Queen Mary 2" run under the flag of Bermuda. Accordingly, the wedding papers would first have to be sent to Germany to obtain their validity - and this could take up to two months.

So, are not Tine Wittler and her Rene a real married couple, and have to live in "wild marriage" for the time being? That would at least have the advantage that one can still build diligently at the common love nest ...