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Beach party decoration: Invitation to the beach house

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  2. Beach party decoration: this way!
  3. Beach party decoration: some sailor's yarn, please!
  4. Beach Party Deco: What can it be today?
  5. Beach party decoration: good appetite!
  6. Beach party decoration: out to the sea!
  7. Beach Party Deco: The bottle mail is here!
  8. Beach Party Deco: Let Flowers Talk!

Table of the month

Even if you live away from the coast - with our deco ideas you create the perfect setting for a relaxed beach party among friends.

Beach party decoration: this way!

In the garden or hall, a signpost tunes your guests to the summer party. For the signs dilute the acrylic paint with water and varnish driftwood pieces. Print the signs with sponge stamp letters made of sponge rubber and blue acrylic paint.

Two tips for the beach party

Tip 1: Crockery and decorative items made of glass give the rustic beach house look summery lightness.

Tip 2: Sand, shells, wood - the more finds from nature you use, the more authentic the ambience becomes.

3 x: Martha Stewart Crafts on Efco, foam rubber stamp, from about 20 euros: Eduplay on Amazon) (Acrylic paint, color "Indigo blue", approx.

Beach Party - Deco : Take a seat!

The recipe for the maritime table decoration is simple, but with a touch of elegance. On a white tablecloth with a fine checked pattern are dark blue platters on which are printed starter plates (see p. 113). These are joined by wooden cutlery, glasses in aqua tones and bouquets of vetches, cornflowers, levoons and grasses in baskets.

(Chairs "Africa", each about 60 euros, tablecloth, about 35 euros: Habitat "cutlery" Mono-T ", 4-piece garnish about 175 euros: mono glasses" Nooma ", set of 2 each approx 30 euros: Schott Zwiesel)

Beach party decoration: some sailor's yarn, please!

Stylish and practical: Homemade coasters protect the tablecloth and bring nautical charm to your table. This is how it works: Coat coasters on one side with textile glue and fix natural or dark blue cords on them, which lay spirally from the inside to the outside. Finally, paint an anchor with acrylic paint in a contrasting tone.

(White wine glass "Essence", set of 2 approx. 28 Euro: Iittala)

Beach Party Deco: What can it be today?

As in the restaurant on the waterfront, a board next to the table presents the menu. Design your menu card on the computer and print on half-transparent paper. Then just pinned on a wooden board.

119 €: Car wind lantern "Barcelona Hurricane", about 35 Euro: Rivièra Maison, woodfish, about 20 Euro: table work)

Beach party decoration: good appetite!

The self-printed starter plates in sea urchin look continue the theme of the table decoration. Underneath, dark place plates bring out the original decor of the glassware even better. The instructions for the plates are here !

1 euro: Ikea plate "à la plage", about 30 euros: Asa Selection, napkin, about 10 euros: Casagent about nostalgia in the children's room) (glass plate "Öppen", approx.

Beach party decoration: out to the sea!

At your beach party, souvenirs from the past holiday make their grand entrance - as a wreath, for example. Place a linen cloth around a styrofoam ring and attach it to the back. Attach shells and starfish (also available in craft shops) with hot glue and hang the wreath with a rope.

Beach Party Deco: The bottle mail is here!

So everyone can take home a reminder of your feast: Write or print quotes or personal greetings on fine paper, cut the labels to bottle size if necessary and label the backs with your guests' names. Roll it up, put it in small glass bottles (pharmacy or household goods store) and present it in a large, sand-filled bowl.

(Seen in a similar way: Champagne cooler, from approx. 17 Euro:

Beach Party Deco: Let Flowers Talk!

Even around the table, the floral decoration must not be missing: Strip over your floor vase made of glass or porcelain, a self-made fishing net. Then fill vase with gladioli and larkspur. The instructions for the nets are here.

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