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Be happy: 5 ways to good mood

These tricks immediately put you in a good mood!
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Instant Happiness: It's that easy

On some days you just do not feel very well - and most of the time you can not even say why. How to easily put an end to the bad mood, read here.

Yes, autumn is coming . The balmy, carefree summer days are over and the cold weather is already sending its first harbingers. So that the first autumn mood can be averted in time, we have searched for a few methods that provide for a small endorphin kick. These five tricks make you happy immediately:

1. laughter and smile. Yes, even if you are not in a good mood, a little smile brings something. As a result, endorphins are released, which lighten the mood. The best looking for a smile partner, then the effect is twice as big!

2. Lavender smell. It may sound crazy, but the scent of lavender makes you happy and calm. It is best to spray on the pillow before going to bed, which will make you feel good when you get up!

3. Spicy food. The "pain" that spicy food triggers - you guessed it - is anesthetized by the body with the production of endorphins. So in the restaurant exceptionally order no mild curry ...

4. Doing sports together. Investigations have proven that you can tolerate twice as much pain when you do sports as a couple - and that also ensures the production of endorphins.

5. Sex. Yes, good. You probably already expected that ...

So getting lucky does not have to be that hard, and with these little good-humor tricks, you're guaranteed to get through the fall!