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Princess Letizia: Is the crown too heavy for her?

Henar Ortiz, Princess Letizia's aunt, has great doubts as to whether Letizia will ever wear the crown.
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Her aunt Henar Ortiz has doubts

"She is a brilliant woman - disciplined, extremely intelligent, " says Henar Ortiz (61) in an interview with the Spanish "Vanity Fair" about her niece Letizia (40). She breaks her silence after being accused of selling secret photos of the Crown Princess.

600, 000 euros she is said to have demanded for the pictures of Letizia's first marriage. "I never tried to sell these photos, " says Henar Ortiz. If one had offered her this sum, however, she would "probably" sell the pictures, she admits the "Vanity Fair".

Princess Letizia's aunt is full of praise for her niece. She has great zeal and desire to sacrifice. But despite all the beautiful words Henar has doubts. She was not sure if Letizia was ready to take on such a large task - the task of wearing the Queen's crown . "Considering what we're going through right now, I do not think she's going to be queen, " says Henar.

The Spanish monarchy is in crisis. Various scandals shake the image of the royal family. In addition, there is currently no health to King Juan Carlos (75) health. The financial crisis does the rest.

Is the pressure too high for a "queen" Letizia? Or will the Spanish monarchy possibly not exist any longer in the foreseeable future? Critics are plenty. But can they prevail? And if not: Will Letizia have the strength to reconcile her mind?

Already at the beginning of her marriage to Crown Prince Felipe (45) Letizia was said to hold the pressure is not even anorexic. These times seem over. But what if the pressure increases? Is Letizia's aunt right with her doubts?

Maybe Princess Letizia will surprise everyone too. She is a strong woman and has mastered every crisis so far. She is a loving mother. Their strength lies in their small family. With Felipe at her side and her two daughters, who make her so immensely proud, she has the best qualifications to become a worthy queen. Now only the monarchy has to hold out ...