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So Dagmar Koller took a new life courage

Honest interview

For two years, the life of Dagmar Koller (71) was completely in Minor. But now it can be the first time since the death of her husband, the longtime Mayor of Vienna Helmut Zilk († 2008), again as serene as in her operetta roles. Her book "The Art of Being a Woman" helped her to overcome grief.

Are you still going to your husband's grave? Dagmar Koller: Not as often as before. I have been there every day for over two years. It has almost become a second home for me. It took three hours, three quarters of an hour each way back and forth. Nearby is also the grave of my mother. It has greatly increased my deep sadness. They did not appear in the time ... Dagmar Koller: I was voiceless for half a year. It was only when I gave all my beautiful shoes to his gardener that things got better. Only when I let go, the voice was back. How did you get out of the bottom? Dagmar Koller: When the Lord Mayor of Vienna inaugurated the Helmut Zilk Square behind the Staatsoper some time ago, I knew: I can no longer achieve more honors for my husband. I started going out. I am now happy to be among people and perform again. I love so much. What happens if you come home alone after such evenings? Dagmar Koller: My husband and I always used to tell ourselves at night what it was like - even at 1 o'clock. He told me about his lectures and me, in which scene there was applause and sold out. Now one comes home and is tired and thinks: To whom should I communicate this now? It is so empty. Did the writing of the book help you? Dagmar Koller: Yes. First, it should be a book about how to overcome my grief. But when I looked through my diaries, I had to cry terribly. I thought: I can not talk about the grief. But my co-author always laughed a lot about the stories I experienced with admirers. And then we thought: Let's write a book about us women ! I've been on stage for 50 years, and I've always given people to go home happily.