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Crochet the tealight wrap yourself: It's that easy

With these crocheted sheaths you will miss boring lanterns a cozy look

Cozy autumn time

Difficulty 1: Whether crochet beginner or professional, with this free tutorial you can easily copy the tealight cases.

You need this for the lantern:

  • 1 Kn. Aida 10 Fb. 253, 336 and 850
  • 1 Milward crochet hook No. 1, 25
  • 3 tealight glasses with candles

And that's how easy it is:

Size about 8 cm in diameter and 9 cm high

Crochet a tealight envelope for each color. Crochet the stitches very tight to make the pattern stable.

First, work the soil as follows:

1st round: work in a string of 1 lm - 7 fm.

2nd round: double every M (16 M)

3rd round: double every 2 sts (24 sts)

4th - 10th round: increase 8 M evenly (80 sts).

ROUND 11: Evenly distributed only increase 7 sts (87 sts). Start in the 12th Rd with the height and work according to H8 15 Rd.

Place the tealight glasses with the candles in the crocheted lanterns.

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