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Twins with knotted umbilical cord live - a small miracle!

Photo: facebook / Kate Lucas

Mono-mono twins

That Harper and Cleo are alive - a miracle. The girls are so-called mono-mono-twins and come with a knotted umbilical cord to the world.

"Every birth is a miracle" - if this saying applies to a birth, then to the twins Harper and Cleo. The two girls are so-called mono-mono twins - meaning they share a placenta and amniotic sac in the womb. The chances of survival: low.

A look back

Kate Lucas, mother of two, is pregnant a third time. The joy of it - huge. Until she finds out she's getting twins - Mono Mono Twins. The risks of an ordinary twin pregnancy have - multiplied. "With each day, the dangers increased, the girls grew bigger, their place in the womb smaller and the umbilical cord began to knot, there was a risk that the two could not be adequately treated, " says Kate.

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Posted by Miracle Babies Foundation on Sunday, July 12, 2015

The parents were told not to tell anyone about the pregnancy. The danger was too great that the twins would not survive, so the attending physician. Did you ever think about having an abortion? No way! "We loved our little girls from the beginning, " says Kate.

In the 28th week of pregnancy, Kate comes to the hospital, five weeks later she brings two healthy girls into the world - contrary to any prognosis. Harper and Cleo live - they can breathe independently and do not need medication. The doctor in charge speaks of a miracle: "The girls have survived a series of curious entanglements, not least the knotted umbilical cord, they are our little MoMo miracle."

Posted by Kate Lucas on Friday, March 20, 2015

Eight years later, Harper and Cleo are closer than ever. They are sisters and best friends, do everything together. "We fought and we are grateful that we are blessed with our miracle twins, " said Kate Lucas.